How Digital Marketing helps Sales?

In order to understand the impact of Digital Marketing on Sales, it is important to bifurcate the Concept of Digital Marketing with defining the Marketing in the first place.

According to American Marketing Association (AMA), which represents marketing professionals in the USA and Canada, defines marketing as the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.

Effective marketing requires that managers recognize the interdependence of such activities as impact on Sales that is and how they can be combined to develop marketing program.

Now the exchange of goods and services is happening since beginning of mankind on the planet which can also be called as the old world, which according to my understanding with advent of internet and digital marketing, was the time when there was no internet in the world for commercial use.      

With advent of high speed computers, tablets and mobile devices this exchange is happening at lightning speed and that is why we need to understand the impact of Digital Marketing onto the Sales so that no organizations thrive to exist in the so called Digital World.    

There are many different ways of digital marketing with many digital platforms available in the digital world that can be broadly classified into inbound and outbound digital marketing. To achieve desired sales growth any business going for online marketing needs a right combination of digital platforms to reach out to the prospective customers. The inbound marketing involves inbound prospective customer traffic management whereas outbound marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing, where the customers find you when they need you through online search. A Hubspot’s model clearly defines a process for generating leads to accomplish sales.  

With countless options in the digital world, getting the attention of your target audience is an increasingly difficult task for any business. Selecting the right mix of digital media platforms is a must to achieve the defined sales target for any business.

Appropriate digital communication content has to be developed and marketed accordingly. To achieve the Sales Target, a strategy is required that involves attracting  customers to connect digitally to the information about a product or service and ultimately buy it get the end result of Sales Growth which is why any organization exist in the real world while utilizing the opportunities of expanding business with the help of online virtual world.

To multiply sales there are numerous terms that define the success of digital marketing such as Ad Click, Ad click rate, Ad view, Ad Banner, CPC, CPM, Hit through Mobile App, Micorsite, Blog, Website, Landing Page, Search Campaign, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Campaign ….etc., the list goes on with many more terms that cannot be mentioned due to time and number of words constraint. Whatever the term that measures the impact on Sales, one thing is common that all result in bringing more number of customers to come and initially explore and thereafter buy the product or service. 

The selection of the digital platform depends on the Industry Verticals of Product or Service in offering. To achieve the desired sales result the appropriate strategy has to be adapted creating the right Content that creates maximum customer pull when the digital content is pushed into the market.

The Seller/Company’s offering to the market has to have a right digital strategy. The results are measured by the Sales numbers that may happen through Online Purchase or through physical footfalls at the company store.

To increase the Sales Numbers, the start off, usually happen with search campaign that include: Identify the Right Search Criteria
The key is using this data to identify the right search criteria keywords for digital advertising campaigns. The Details like prospective customer location, age, interests and Internet activity provide valuable insight businesses can use to better target their digital communication.

It’s impossible to make a catch all digital platform recommendation because the truth is the best platform is different for every business. If you have a great Facebook business page and receive lots of engagement on your posts, then Facebook Ads are for you. And if you don’t have an existing audience on Twitter then you aren’t likely to generate one with ads.

Like it is for many other digital marketing components, knowing your audience is more than half the battle in achieving success.

When you implement campaign tracking as part of you digital advertising strategy, you’ll immediately know when certain keywords, times or target groups aren’t working. And to a strategy that revolves around paying money for clicks, put campaign tracking in place – it’s a must to achieve sales target.  In the same way tracking campaigns is important, split testing similar keywords, images and text is a great way to maximize the ROI of your digital advertising campaigns. If you’ve got two keywords you like you don’t have to guess which one is better – split test them and use the one that performs better!


The money invested by the organization in digital marketing is in proportion to sales target. It is like everyone knows 2+2 = 4. The CTR (Click Through Rate), PPC (Pay Per Click), social media campaign views, the success is measured through multiple ways in digital innovation that works at its best when you implement it by prudent sales planning and creating tailor made digital marketing strategy by allocating a budget and measure results in quick time intervals that enables you to enhance business growth and ultimately becoming a winner in Marketplace by achieving Sales Growth. Measure, Improve, Repeat, there are many different forms of digital marketing try them and measure your results to achieve sales success.

Case Study: The Result

Every 1$ spend they started making $17


Digital Marketing Case study for Sportswear Company

Mountain Equipment Company based in Canada, a leading retailer of outdoor sportswear, specialized gears and active lifestyle services

Vision from Digital Marketing

MEC wishes to become one of the most popular online e-commerce stores for sportswear products, wishes to give improved online shopping experience for their members.

Sportswear products are a seasonal business and it was challenging for MEC   found it difficult to cater their Google AdWords account to the seasonality and fast product demand changes.

Current Challenges

Existing PPC campaign had few challenges.

The account lacked proper structure; they couldn’t quickly identify which items were selling, and ad groups weren’t tightly themed. This caused MEC’s cost-per-click to be higher than desirable.

Campaign Structure was rebuilt

Keywords and ad copy were refined to become more relevant to one another, while irrelevant keywords were cut out.

Ad groups were tightly-themed, making it easier to quickly react to seasonal product demand changes. Optimized keywords were added to suggest related products to consumers.

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